The story of Togo, the German colony gifted to Britain and France

The French-speaking West African nation of Togo was pivotal during the transatlantic slave trade as Portuguese slave traders sought the human merchandise at the small fort of Porto Seguro, in the town currently known as Agbodrafo and lying between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Togo. During the infamous Scramble for Africa in 1884, Germany tookPoursuivre la lecture de « The story of Togo, the German colony gifted to Britain and France »

The African matriarcal tradition

We grow up in countries within the continent and almost everywhere we see women regularly beaten. Their word is devalued, their opinions are belittled. They are constantly judged, tirelessly defined – regardless of their success in society – by the fact to be married or not. They do not receive inheritance and are most likelyPoursuivre la lecture de « The African matriarcal tradition »