How Damaging Is The Picture Of Hungry Looking African Child On The Posters Of Charitable Organizations To Our Image?

There are gruesome images of hungry black children on posters of charity organizations used to solicit for donations, the question that comes to mind sometimes is, what kind of impression does this image create in the mind of the public and what are its consequences for the black child, how does it affect the black child in the diaspora, who have never been to Africa to know the facts, would children of another race think of the black child as equals and deal with them as such?

Some of the commercial are very racist and it is a shame that they would start issuing apologies, after they are being chastised by the public for their racist adverts, pretending not to knowingly want to gain from the attention such racist commercial generates, why do they see the black race as a soft spot to prey on, is it because none has suffered no major consequence for their action?

What is the system put in place by African countries to check the excesses of these organizations? Yes, some of them do good things, to trust is good, but control is better and secured.

Even when we don’t see much reaction from those in position to question, monitor or take action, it will be good to know if this images trigger anything inside of them?

Von: Samson Onoja


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